Alleged miscarriage of Justice - Darren Bolger


THIS is the murder victim who died after being found severely beaten and unconscious in an alleyway. 

(St. Helens Star - Exclusive by Stephen Mather and Andrew Kilmurray)

 Darren Bolger, 40, suffered fatal head injuries after allegedly being attacked in the passageway off Parr Street, on the fringe of St Helens town centre. 

 At the weekend police swooped on an address in Wigan, arresting Stephen Barry Thomas, 25, on Saturday. They charged him with murder. 

 Mr Bolger, who had a troubled past and criminal convictions in recent years for alcohol-fuelled offences including breaching an ASBO and burglary, never regained consciousness. 

 He died in Whiston Hospital at about 11pm last Thursday (January 27), eight hours after paramedics had been called to his stricken body. 

 In a family statement released yesterday, the victim’s brother Paul said: “Darren was a quiet and loving man and I will always remember him as my little brother. 

 “He was very close to our mum and was devastated when we lost her. 

 "He had gone through hard times but he always had a smile and joke for everyone. 

The Essex Connection

When investigating criminal appeals and claims of injustice, there is sometimes a cross over of police borders. There are matters under investigation by Justice on Appeal included (but not limited to) historic miscarriages of justice in Essex Police beginning at Grays Police - that require further address and review.

The Kevin Craigie Connection

Kevin Craigie was working with JENGbA (Joint Enterprise Not Guilty by Association) who were looking to address the law on Joint Enterprise. Kevin had left his employed role with the Citizens Advice Service to join JENGbA but felt unappreciated and disheartened by the shear lack of organisation and action from JENGbA.

Kevin left JENGbA much to the fury of Ms Gloria Morrison - the JENGbA founder, who, along with others then set out on a character assassination of Mr Craigie, posting negative hate speech across the internet, hiding behind closed blogging platforms in a desperate bid to defame Kevin's character and reputation whilst, himself a previously convicted prisoner, trying to rebuild his life.

Unfortunately for all those with the name - Darren Bolger the internet TROLLS blanketed the internet with anyone with the same name in a desperate bid to cause Darren Bolger a similar reputational and financial damage as they were doing with Mr Craigie. The TROLLS then joined the names Kevin Craigie and Darren Bolger in their UK JUSTICE FORUM to extend their harassment and damage to those referred here.

So severe was the harassment placed upon Kevin Craigie that; (it is alleged' placed) he had a mental breakdown and then joined those whom he had thought to have been his bullies returningto support JENGbA by giving key witness evidence in his role as Chairman of Justice on Appeal at the Justice Committee review on Joint Enterprise. Kevin Craigie had then put aside his own misery to help those that had caused him so much personal harassment, for the better cause of fighting to overturn the Joint Enterprise Law.

Witness Evidence of Kevin Craigie - JENGbA

I have watched the evidence session, and felt extremely disappointed. Major factors were either skimmed over or simply not taken into account. Some of those giving their evidence had clearly not done their research. 

My organisation Justice on Appeal has a substantial amount of people contacting us maintaining that they are not guilty of the index offence. They have all been convicted under Joint Enterprise and many of them are serving a minimum of 20–30 yrs of a life sentence. 

When two or more people are clearly involved in the commissioning of the crime, then that is not our concern. While they are guilty of a lesser offence, and that should be reflected we currently concentrate on the cases where the person is most certainly not guilty. There is overwhelming evidence which confirms this. 

I have had the unenviable and tedious task of sifting through several dozen of these cases since last year. I have studied the prosecutions side and the defences side in addition to the summing up. The evidence reveals that these people are being unjustifiably convicted based on several factors, the most prominent being: — Fabricated and manufactured evidence. — Blatant corruption. — Judges misdirecting the Jury on the law of evidence and interpretation of the law. — Jurys being denied their request to acquit one defendant and convict the other, thus depriving the defendant of not just a fair trial, but ANY trial. This breaches ECHR article 6. In some cases they are accepting separate verdicts for separate defendants. — Lawyers not representing their clients properly, as they ought to under the Solicitors Act 1922, which stipulates that the Lawyer has a fundamental duty to their client at all times. — The defence not introducing crucial evidence and telling the defendants that they can rely on this at a later appeal. 

This is actually flawed, as evidence which is available cannot be relied upon at a later date.

The law of Joint Enterprise does need seriously amended or even abolished. It is damaging people’s faith in the Criminal Justice System, and the human impact is truly horrendous. Young people committing suicide, and Families being destroyed.